宗旨: 推廣滑翔傘運動, 鼓勵安全飛傘。

Mission: Promote paragliding, encourage safe flying.

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滑翔傘器材品牌推介 / Paragliding Equipments

PHI, AirDesign, APCO, MAC PARA, Naviter, Nova, Sol, Flytec, Brauniger, Syride, High Adventure, Kortel, Woody Valley


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滑翔傘器材品牌 / Paragliders :


Advance, AirDesign, APCO, MAC PARA, Naviter, Nova, Sol, Flytec, Brauniger, Syride


Enquiry 查詢: Kenneth, Tel: +852 9203 1889, email: ama8801@yahoo.com.hk


AirDesign Paragliders

Company headquarter is in Austria 公司總部位於奧地利

AirDesign paragliders: new brand, new wings and new image.

“We called it AirDesign because we design things for the air.” Martin quipped. “And as we had worked for both Airwave and Pro Design over the years it seemed even more appropriate.”His new partner designer Stephan Stiegler has an even longer pedigree in paragliding having been the 1995 World Champion, a test pilot for Pro Design, then designer at UP and more recently Airwave. Stephan only joined Airwave in March 2010 following the defection of the 2007 World Champion Bruce Goldsmith to Advance. AirDesign say their design philosophy will be based around “performance designs at all levels.” “Stephan, having been so successful in competitions is very focused on getting the most performance possible from his designs.” Martin told us. “Not many brands have designers who can fly at such a high level: Ozone, Gin, Advance and couple of others have it, but not many more. It’s important that Stephan can design and test our wings at such a high level. But most of all we want them to be fun.”

Source:  http://www.xcmag.com/2011/01/airdesign-new-paraglider-manufacturer/#sthash.FbOCVRav.dpuf

Enquiry 查詢: Kenneth, +852 9203 1889, ama8801@yahoo.com.hk

APCO Aviation (APCO Paragliders)

Company headquarter is in  ISRAEL 公司總部位於以色列

Company Profile: APCO Aviation is one of the world's biggest producers of paragliders, harnesses, parachute rescue systems and accessories and has been producing world-beating gliders for over twenty years. From paragliders like the high performance Extra, which still holds the World Distance Record, and the entry level Prima, a wing that has become a benchmark for many schools and instructors around the world, to the Mayday Emergency System which continues to save pilots on a regular basis.

World Leaders in the Design and Manufacture of Paragliders, Harnesses, Parachute Reserve Systems, Power Wings and Accessories for the Pilot

Company History: APCO has been involved in the paragliding industry from the very beginning. Anatoly Cohn, the company's owner and founder, started in hang gliding, designing and building gliders from 1976 with Agur Gliders until 1982 when he founded APCO. He quickly realized that paragliding was the direction for sport flying and concentrated on developing quality gliders at a competitive price. Since that time the company has steadily grown, employing now 60 people and produces thousands of paragliders, harnesses and parachute reserve systems every year.

Enquiry 查詢: Kenneth, Tel: +852 9203 1889, email: ama8801@yahoo.com.hk

MAC PARA Technology (MAC PARA Paragliders)

Company headquarter is in Czech Republic 公司總部位於捷克共和國

Philosophy: Flying is fun. Paragliding is our sport and we enjoy it. It all started from a love and passion for flying.

From the beginning, MAC PARA's philosophy has been to listen and respond to pilot's needs. New ideas, continuous development, extensive testing, new products designed with experience are enabling our company to grow by integrating more efficient solutions, often exceeding pilot's expectations.

Although MAC PARA is well known as the producer of one of the world's best competition gliders, our philosophy is to design and produce paragliders for different categories, that are safe and a pleasure to fly, whatever level of pilot you are.

Production: MAC PARA is based in the north east of the Czech Republic. The town of Roznov p.R. is situated in the beautiful Beskydy hills, one of the most reliable flying areas in the Czech Republic.

MAC PARA products are designed and carefully thought-out, down to the last details. As one of the worlds leading paragliding manufacturers, MAC PARA controls the entire production process, from development to delivery. We pay high attention to material selection, ensuring that production quality is maintained at the highest level. Every part of the paraglider, harness or backpack is checked at several stages during production by experienced employees. Constant strict checks of each and every MAC PARA product are a clear warrantee of the safety of your flying equipment. Every paraglider is subjected to a final inspection and control flight. MAC PARA stands for top quality products. Solid relationships with employees, dealers and suppliers underline top quality orientation.

Enquiry 查詢: Kenneth, Tel: +852 9203 1889, email: ama8801@yahoo.com.hk

Nova Logo

Nova paraglider

NOVA Paragliders

Company headquarter is in Austria 公司總部位於奧地利

Production facility at Pécs, Hungary 生產設備在匈牙利的 Pécs

Values & Mission 價值 及 宗旨

The starting point of our mission is to build paragliders which are safe and simultaneously high performance. Performance and safety, or rather the correct ratio between the two, make for lots of flying fun - and that is what it is all about!

Paragliding means freedom. Regardless whether you are a recreational pilot, a cross-country pilot or an acro ace: your pleasure is our motivation.

All our products have undergone exhaustive testing to check for any potential faults. During development we are guided by pilot ability, not certification criteria. When classifying our products, our central concern is honesty.

 Enquiry 查詢: Kenneth, Tel: +852 9203 1889, email: ama8801@yahoo.com.hk

Sol Paragliders

Company headquarter is in  Brasil 公司總部位於巴西

A SOL Paraglider is the result of 30 years of involvement in the sport since 1979 we have a close relationship with everything that is related with the free flight. In 1991 this involvement has become a company. Leader in the Americas and one of the world leaders in the production of paragliders and hang gliding equipment. SOL Paragliders has distributors in 68 countries and have their products being used in every country in the world where the paraglider paragliding or as it is called in English.

一個 SOL 的滑翔傘是 30 年參與這項運動的結果,因為我們自1979年起便與自由飛行有關的一切有密切的關係。 這種參與於1991年成為一家公司。Sol 是美洲及全世界生產滑翔傘和懸掛式滑翔設備的領導者。 SOL 的滑翔傘產品在 68 個國家有分銷商, 產品遍佈全世界。

Enquiry 查詢: Kenneth, Tel: +852 9203 1889, email: ama8801@yahoo.com.hk


飛行儀表 Flight Instruments

Enquiry 查詢: Kenneth, Tel: +852 9203 1889, email: ama8801@yahoo.com.hk

Flight Instruments

bulletFlytec 6000 / IQ Alto
bulletFlytec 6005 / IQ ONE
bulletFlytec 6010/ IQ One+
bulletFlytec Element
bulletFlytec 6020 / IQ Competino+
bulletFlytec 6030 / IQ Compeo+
bulletFlytec Sonic / IQ Sonic
bulletOperating Manuals

Oldie 4

Oudie 4 Basic

Oudie 2

Oudie 2 Lite





SYS'Nav V3





SYS'Nav V3

Enquiry 查詢: Kenneth, Tel: +852 9203 1889, email: ama8801@yahoo.com.hk





以色列APCO超輕副傘, 重量:1.22Kg


 CRISPI (3).jpg

滑翔傘專用傘靴( 義大利CRISPI專業傘靴)
頂級的腳踝保護 - 可移除側保護 CRISPI專利 C.C.S. 有效保護腳踝,移除可做登山靴。
內層: GORE-TEX® footwear


大收傘袋(懶漢袋)大收傘包正面  大收傘包背面